Archiblox – Carbon Positive House
Photographer:Tom Ross

Carbon Positive House

The Carbon Positive House (CPH) has been created to free us of modern day lifelines and make significant contributions to society. Developed and created through innovative design sensitivities and new technologies, the Carbon Positive House moves beyond carbon zero by making additional ‘positive’ contributions, producing more energy on-site than the building requires.





Every site presents its own challenges and opportunities. All our designs can be modified for tight and steep sloping sites, costings will vary. Built in 12-20 weeks. Allow a few more weeks for custom designs depending on complexity.


Key Sustainable Features:

  • In-ground Cool Tubes
  • Sliding Edible Garden Walls to block sun penetration
  • Green Roof for added thermal insulation
  • The Buffer Zone (Lungs of the house and Food Basket) separates the external environment
  • High Grade sustainable materials, formaldehyde and VOC free
  • Airtight building envelope improves sound protection and saves energy
  • Hard wired data lines to reduce electromagnetic radiation

Designed big rather than built big

The Carbon Positive House is built with household functions incorporated into the joinery such as study desks, an ironing board, and a ladder leading to sleeping lofts. The omission of mechanical heating and cooling allows for the 5 kW roof-mounted solar systems to feed excess energy back into the grid.

Maximising passive design strategies and creating spaces that flow through every sense. The livings areas awash with sunlight and flush with fresh air flow seamlessly into wet areas and bedroom spaces. Moving joinery allow spaces to grow or contract as required, making areas bigger or smaller depending upon the activity.

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