A clever, sustainable, building alternative. A clever, sustainable, building alternative.

There are plenty of reasons why clients choose Archiblox to design and manage the build of their home. But there’s one key reason why they recommend us to everyone they know. With our streamlined process, we make building less stressful, and more enjoyable.

And above all, enjoyable.

Archiblox Group continues to lead the way.

How did we earn our position at the forefront of design and prefabrication technologies? By only bringing you the best of us.

  • Archiblox is consistently ranked and awarded as one of the most innovative companies in design on a global level. And we’re proud recipients of more than our fair share of Australian and global awards for design and sustainability. We’d rather not brag, however our selected accolades are on our About us page if you’d like to have a look.

  • The leading design, sustainable, prefabricated solutions business in all of Australia. Purpose driven to create healthy, regenerative spaces to thrive in.

    Our mission is to inspire our clients by delivering a stress free and personalised experience whilst designing towards an exceptional result.

  • A pioneering model for the Australian market, Archiblox has been perfecting all systems and processes to raise the bar year after year. Now that we’ve shown it’s possible to make sustainably-designed homes more accessible, it makes little sense to opt for anything else.

    We're always excited to collaborate as this gives us the opportunity to reflect our latest innovations.

  • We use our leadership position as an opportunity to set a good example for the industry, by promoting a connection back to community, and back to the indigenous heritage of each location. Read more on our community work under About Us.

Thinking ahead about what we leave behind.

As the leaders in sustainable modular design, we focus on projects that don’t just reduce our carbon footprint, but play an active role in replenishing the environment.

  • Every Archiblox design uses a range of techniques and technologies to make great leaps while leaving a smaller footprint.

    Archiblox designs homes and buildings to sit in harmony with your site. Use of passive thermal design principles, tracking the sun, following the wind and getting to know the weather patterns set the rhythm for creating highly energy efficient Archiblox spaces.

    • Thermal efficiency:

    - The building is designed to block out high summer sun and optimise cooling summer night breezes. In winter, allowing sun to penetrate into the building, trapping it, storing it and then releasing it to minimise artificial heating.

    - Double-glazed window systems with argon-filled cavities are used to maintain stable internal temperatures.

    - Light-coloured roofing materials are preferred to reflect radiant heat from the sun while green roofs not only look brilliant but add further thermal insulation.

    • Systems and design:

    - Capturing renewable sources through the use of high-quality photovoltaic power and solar hot-water systems allows us to capture as much natural energy as possible, reducing our footprint on the land.

    - Efficiency in spatial design to maintain a smaller the footprint requiring less energy to maintain a comfortable internal temperature.

    - Strategic wiring for electrical and data cabling are employed to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation

    - Isolating green switches are used to excess standby power usage.

    • Materials:

    - Sourced through renewable enterprises such as timber from sustainable plantation forests. Read more information under our Sustainable Design Principles.

  • Of all our principles, nothing is more important than fostering spaces for families to grow in safe, healthy environments that encourage mindful living. This belief is evident in every corner of an Archiblox home.

    • To improve air quality and protect the health of your family, we use low-VOC paints, adhesives and sealants and products without formaldehyde.

    • Our open, spacious layouts maximise airflow and natural light to create a more harmonious setting for you and your family.

    • We use hard floor surfaces to protect against allergens and moulds that might thrive in hard-to-clean carpeting.

    • Our homes offer order and balance to give us clarity of space allowing us to live harmoniously with our environment.

  • From construction to delivery and beyond, every part of our process is designed with an eye to reduce waste and promote re-use and recycling.

    During construction:

    • We design big rather than build big, paying careful attention to material sizes and dimensions, to maximise product usage and reduce wastage.

    • We select materials that have a low, neutral or positive impact on the environment, using recycled and renewable materials whenever possible.

    • All materials delivered on site are requested to have minimal packaging.

    • Construction waste is minimal we re-use and recycle where possible.

    • Designated areas to filter solid waste.

  • We take every opportunity to help reduce, re-use or recycle the water consumed in your home or commercial project.

    • Reducing water intake: We only use AAA-rated water consumption appliances and fixtures like dual-flush toilets, low-flow showerheads, and solar and instantaneous hot-water systems to save water and energy.

    • Re-use: We offer rainwater-harvesting systems such as water tanks or bladders to serve toilets, laundry, bathroom and kitchen utilities.

    • Recycling and landscaping: We promote sustainable landscaping with drought-tolerant plants, green roofs and permeable pathways for natural filtration. Our grey-water systems can be used to irrigate green roofs and designer vegetable gardens, to make every drop of water go further.

Considered design. Conscious architecture.

Our team manages each project from start to finish, paying close attention to the site’s unique requirements. We craft flexible designs for our clients, that never bend on quality.

  • In a mere 12 -20 weeks*, our construction partner can create beautiful buildings that stay true to our motivations:

    • Our commitment to simple, sustainable living.

    Our Process, streamlined to perfection.

    • Our passion for revolutionising architecture.

    These three forces drive us to achieve what most others would consider impossible. And as proud as we are of building homes within a short period of time, we are even more proud of the quality of the finished result.

  • We would never be able to claim all these impressive feats in incredibly short time frames without the immense breadth of talent within our company. From the outset, Archiblox was formed as a creative union between architects and builders.

    But now we boast interior designers and project managers who are collectively responsible for all the evolution of our signature style you see on this website.

  • Another thing about our projects – we cannot lay claim to being the sole creative vision behind each one. Because almost all of our projects are driven in equal measure by the dreams, ideas (and sometimes napkin sketches) of the people who live inside them.

    We welcome your ideas, and even depend on them, to make your Archiblox home unique and perfectly right for you.

Sustainable design shouldn’t cost the earth.

What we like most about our prefab, modular approach is that it helps us save time during the build process, which in turn saves you money. And it means resources can be directed towards well-considered design and high quality materials, instead of being squandered on unforeseen delays typical of traditional building methods.

  • Less time spent worrying about building a home means more time spent enjoying the company of those you’ll share the home with.

    • Our Smart Range build takes around 12 -20 weeks, saving you unnecessary delays and unwanted grey hairs that can accompany a traditional architect-designed build.

    • Traditional architects can take a year to do the design alone. And because they’re not builders, budgets can blow out. After all the back and forth, it can take another two years to build once you get the right cost from a builder.

  • We’re proud of the value we add to each project through our process. Whether we gain time or money (or both) through our efficiencies, we keep you informed at every step, and ensure the benefits are always passed on to you.

    • Every client receives an accurate idea of costs at the very first design presentation, providing a clear design direction and complete peace of mind.

    • An impressive comprehensive and transparent standard inclusions list.

    • An allied partners estimating and construction team ensures our forecast numbers are authentic.

    • We provide regular budget updates.

    • Our process is streamlined, guaranteeing sharp turnarounds and fast completions. View our Process Page for more information on this.

    • We provide exceptional project value across a mere 8 to 12 months for the entire process (timings depend on site and council).

  • We ensure that sustainable design techniques, materials and appliances that are good for the environment and great for your pocket are used.

    • Archiblox homes are designed with lasting materials that require little maintenance, reducing the cost of ownership.

    • Water conservation methods such as rainwater harvesting and grey-water systems significantly reduce water bills.

    • Passive thermal design keeps Archiblox homes warm in winter and cool in summer, reducing energy bills.


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