Our sustainability principles. Our sustainability principles.

Archiblox Group has articulated its love for sustainability in the 'Archiblox 5 Pillars of Design', highlighting the relationships between nature, human biology, and the design of the built environment, where we live, work and learn.

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Building bridges to nature.

Biophilic design is at the core of Archiblox's philosophy, endeavouring to make people healthier and happier. Through strategic and mindful design, we have connected with nature again, inspiring built forms that support well being, productivity and learning.

  • • Every aspect of our Archiblox design methodology aims to amplify connections between the built form and natural environment.

    • These connections have been proven to measurably reduce stress, enhance cognitive function and creativity and expedite healing. This translates into increased productivity, cost savings and reduced turnover.

  • • For all Archiblox designs, the architecture is based on passive solar design principles, which enable natural elements to flow through each dwelling. Our optimised orientation creates thermal comfort as it enables cross ventilation and allows sunlight to penetrate deep into the required zones.

  • • By allowing your Archiblox home to be connected to nature, everyday is a chance to restore yourself and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

  • • The financial advantages of biophilic design range from remarkable sales boosts in retail stores, to taxpayer savings, strengthened immune systems, and an interface for safer urban communities.

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Dovetailing with natural systems.

Archiblox homes are designed around the sun, wind and weather patterns of the specific building site. It’s this awareness of natural systems that allows every Archiblox home to be supported by nature in a number of ways.

  • • Green roofs are used to create healthy, ecologically responsible buildings. They improve a building’s thermal performance, save energy and support living vegetation. This further helps the greater environment by providing improved air quality and reduced urban temperatures.

  • • Solar features are recommended throughout our Archiblox designs which include rain water tanks, solar cells and battery storage, allowing the design to naturally sustain itself and provide minimal impact on its environment.

  • • Reducing water intake: We only use AAA-rated water consumption appliances and fixtures like dual-flush toilets, low-flow showerheads, and solar and instantaneous hot-water systems to save water and energy.

    • Re-use: We offer rainwater-harvesting systems such as water tanks or bladders to serve toilets, laundry, bathroom and kitchen utilities.

    • Recycling and landscaping: We promote sustainable landscaping with drought-tolerant plants, green roofs and permeable pathways for natural filtration. Our grey-water systems can be used to irrigate green roofs and design vegetable gardens, to make every drop of water go further.

  • • Rainwater capture and treatment

    • Bioswales to absorb and filter storm water

  • Exposure to natural light serves to balance our hormonal levels of serotonin (linked to our mood) and inhibit the production of melatonin (used to regulate sleep).

    • Different intensities of natural light may evoke different emotional experiences, which we are mindful of when we are designing the ambience of each space.

    “Really beautifully designed sustainable buildings have an impact on how you wake in the morning and how you go to sleep at night, aligning you with your natural circadian rhythm"

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Finding order in complexity.

Our designs imitate the hierarchies and patterns present in nature to create more harmonious living environments. Using a modular approach, we are able to break down the complexity of natural patterns to reveal order.

  • • The creation and careful arrangement of different modules (such as living and sleeping zones) creates a hierarchy portraying the importance of one spatial order over the other.

    • Orienting the ‘living’ module facing north for maximum penetration of northern light increases its significance. The flexibility of modular architecture allows us to maximise the potential of each area, placing it within a hierarchy that reflects your lifestyle.

    • Different heights and volumes in the design of a space accentuate different feelings. For instance, being within a space with walls that don’t reach the ceiling induces the feeling of openness

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A fresh perspective.

At Archiblox, we place thought and care into a home’s relationship with its environment. Every Archiblox home is designed and positioned to provide an ideal prospect, a safe refuge and an enduring sense of mystery.

  • • Evidence has shown that we maybe neurally predisposed to prefer vast, expansive views from a position of refuge. Anthropologists attribute this phenomenon to our evolutionary connection with nature, and compare the preference for views to the basic human need to find the best location for a camp or village.

    • The placement of windows and corridors that open out towards a natural view can enhance wellbeing. Internally and externally prospective can be refreshed by the ability to see from one space into another.

    • An Archiblox home artistically creates spaces with multiple views such as unrestricted views and social floorplans to encourage verbal and non verbal communication.

  • • Careful consideration and purposely designed sanctuaries, allowing you the freedom to open up to the elements or tuck away for privacy.

    • Archiblox homes are designed to provide a much-needed refuge – every day is a chance to restore yourself and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life, so at the end of every day, you can escape to the company of loved ones.

  • • Building a sense of anticipation and mystery provides an incentive to explore. Embedding the home in a landscape, or situating it on a hill where it will be hidden from the road, adds to the sense of exploration during the journey to the house.

    • Obscured views, curved edges and play with shadows and light are some of the ways an Archiblox design creates mystery.

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Inviting the outdoors in.

Every Archiblox project is a new opportunity to make buildings healthier. We’re helping the building industry learn about its own impact and how to improve building performance.

  • • The materials we build with can affect our wellbeing as much as the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. For the most part, we can’t see the toxic chemicals that leak into our indoor air.

    • To improve air quality and protect the health of your family, we use low-VOC paints, adhesives and sealants and products without formaldehyde. We recommend products made from natural plant-based materials, contributing no greenhouse emissions, and free of harmful chemicals.

    • Using sustainably sourced materials in construction such as plantation timbers, stone and leather we can create a space that feels warm, tactile and full of natural character.

    • Use of timber internally adds warmth and a sense of calm, encouraging you to explore a dialogue with these outdoor textures.

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