Frequently asked questions.

  • Architecture, Design, & Style

    Can I make a change to the Smart Range set designs?

    We love the Smart Range and have devoted a lot of thought to crafting very special and functional areas. This also allows us to offer truly impressive architectural pricing on each product, as much of the sketch has been prepared in advance. In order to avoid paying for an entirely custom project, we highly recommend defining how many bedrooms you’ll require and reviewing those particular Smart floorplans to pick out the plan that best suits your family, your age groups, and your lifestyle. (Note that any modifications to the Smart floorplans will require each department to re-draft, re-render, re-estimate, essentially deeming the project to be entirely custom).

    Do you create custom designs?

    Sure, we’re very mindful that sometimes you have a particular vision in mind and as the leading designers in prefab, we’re thrilled to help you achieve this through a personalised approach. The process can be as collaborative as you wish. We’ll need to gather a few initial details from you so that we can gather an understanding of the design brief (your requirements) and your budget. Once a quote is approved, we can jump into producing your first design package per the discussed design direction and budget goals.

    How do Archiblox homes compare?

    We’ve worked hard to ensure we are continuously leading the way in the prefab marketplace year after year. Our homes are strictly designed by architects, and no lesser qualified staff. This already places our team at a superior level of expertise than any other high profile prefab supplier. We are formally awarded for being the standout quality in prefab. We are the only team regularly approached, nominated and awarded for sustainability awards on a global scale. When it comes to comparing with traditional architects, we don’t take 2.5-3 years to complete a project. And our costs are approximately $250-450K lower each and every time for the average 3 bedroom house. As the awards would indicate, we offer the best quality, expertise, sustainability, timing, and certainly cost.

    What are the standard ceiling heights?

    Our standard ceiling heights are 2.7m for living module, and 2.55m in the bedrooms & bathroom modules. Very often the ceiling heights are adjusted depending on the site conditions. We’re happy to confirm that we offer a boosted ceiling should the client so wish request.

    Is there a range of finishes to choose from?

    Yes, absolutely. We’re proud to offer an impressive finish as the base starting point. You are then most welcome to make any adjustments you like (to taps, tiles, bench tops etc), to ensure the style and outcome are exactly as you envisaged. Our in-house interior designer comes from a stunning high end background and will offer expert advice along the way.

    What is the standard module size?

    Our modules vary in size and Archiblox generally produce the largest modules in Victoria. We achieve best results with a module size of up to 5.0 m in width and 16.0 m in length, however can work up to lengths of 18 m. All modules can be attached for longer lengths if required. This ensures the most cost effective result for our clients, as these sizes work best during installation. We can also try various other configurations as we understand each site will present its own unique potential

    Where are the modules made?

    The architectural workload and presentations take place in our Richmond Studio and the impressively efficient construction takes place at our Allied Construction Partners facility.

    Can I add more modules to my home in the future?

    You certainly can. The flexibility of the modular design process ensures we can comfortably add to your home at a later date.

    What type of projects does Archiblox work on?

    At Archiblox, we’re adept at handling a diverse range of creative projects (new builds and knockdown rebuilds) from residential and multi-residential (coastal, urban, suburban, rural etc) to tiny studios or granny flats, and also efficient commercial projects from early learning to aged care and everything in-between. (Please note we no longer undertake Extensions / Additions.)

    What kind of commercial projects have you worked on?

    Our commercial projects so far include retail outlets, medical centres, airline offices, schools, childcare centres, and bed & breakfasts, among others. Our flexible modular designs and efficient prefabricated processes are perfectly suited to the commercial environment – where a quick turnaround and certainty of costs are paramount.

    Do you work with other Architects and Developers?

    Yes, we’re excited to collaborate with architectural firms and developers, because we know that when great minds come together, breathtaking results always follow. We are very regularly approached to build for other Architects themselves as they’re aware it would take them so much longer to achieve a similar result on their own. Should you wish to collaborate, please get in touch and we’ll help to speed up your dream project.

    Can you work with other Architects plans?

    Yes, first we need to review the plans. We may need to modify to suit our modular construction methods but we’re always helpful with our feedback and we’d be happy to brainstorm together.

  • Archiblox Display

    Do you have a display home we could see?

    At Archiblox, we love to invite our clients through the most recent installation, rather than the same display home over and over. This ensures you are experiencing the most creative and most recent of our projects. We feel this is the truest representation of our style, space, and quality.

  • Standard Inclusions

    Do you have standard inclusions?

    Yes we do, We have a comprehensive standard inclusion package including sustainable features. Our homes come completely turnkey with fixtures, fittings and cooking appliances*. Please refer to our Standard Inclusions document.

  • Site, Transport, & Installation

    What is the construction and installation time for my project?

    The average construction time for an Archiblox home is around 12 to 20 weeks. The installation takes between 1 - 2 days and 2 and 4 weeks for finishing touches including services, external decks and pergolas times may vary depending on the complexity of the project and site access.

    Does Archiblox service remote locations?

    We love working in a range of environments including urban, rural, coastal, alpine and remote locations. Our homes are built to perform effectively in each of these environments. Provided our trucks can achieve adequate access to the site, we’d be delighted to work with you.

    What kind of climatic conditions are suitable for an Archiblox home?

    Our modules are made of materials and insulation that perform to an exceptional standard in a broad range of climatic conditions. Our projects range from residential houses in beachside Byron Bay to tricky blocks on the Northern Beaches of New South Wales to alpine retreats in Victoria and everything in-between. We achieve a high level of insulation via a range of R Batts, along with double-glazed glass throughout, resulting in a home that’s comfortable even in extreme environments. For more information on our features, please refer to our Standard Inclusions.

    What kind of site preparation is required?

    Site preparation will vary from project to project. We generally work with an engineered pile system, that provides a non-invasive footing system. We will arrange this ourselves on your behalf. If you need demolitions, excavations, or any other work done before the trucks arrive with your new home in tow, our Allied Construction Partner can assist by project managing these works.

    How does an Archiblox home fare during transportation to site?

    Every Archiblox home undergoes a high level of quality control during the construction process to ensure it is completed with the utmost care. The home’s steel frame structure means there are no vulnerabilities in the module and no flex during lifting and lowering. We work with an esteemed logistics team that manage all facets of our transportations of our buildings. This is completed with detailed accuracy, precision and care. It's marvelled by all our clients as one of the most exciting day of their lives.

    Can you install onto a sloping site?

    Of course. We've erected a number of homes on sloping blocks using bored pier foundations. These sites usually make for visually dramatic results. Our bored pier footing system can accommodate most sloping sites. As there is no need for concrete ground slabs, site works can be minimized saving time and money.

    Does Archiblox work on projects that have a BAL rating?

    Yes. Our homes are built to comply with a low-mid BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating. For mid-high BAL ratings, we can modify the design where required and/or select alternative claddings and materials.

    Can Archiblox build in cyclonic areas?

    Yes, Archiblox can design to meet Cyclone Building Codes. At the early stages of any project, all environmental factors are accounted for to ensure the requisite building codes are met. The impact on the design and costs will depend on the level of cyclone protection required.

    Do I need a soil report?

    Yes, we do require a soil report and we will organise this for you when required. The cost for doing so is incorporated into your overall project. The soil report will determine the subsurface soils and in turn, how we’ll respond to these during design and construction.

  • Materials & Sustainability

    Can we install a Septic Tank?

    Yes we can, most sites are able to accommodate a septic tank system.

    Can we install Solar Power?

    Yes we can! Solar panels can be fitted to your new home and are a great way of greening your footprint and reducing your fossil fuel consumption. Not to mention the long term power bill savings!

    Can you build off the grid completely?

    100% we can. Self sustaining features can be incorporated throughout our buildings including large rain water tanks, solar cells, Tesla battery storage and generators (if required), allowing the design to naturally breathe and provide minimal impact to its environment.

    What materials do we use?

    Understanding the materials that are used within the building is fundamental in its overall response. Using materials that are produced with as close to carbon neutral methods as possible, to those that have low to no VOC output is important as are the manufacturing techniques that go into their production.

    Will my Archiblox home achieve a minimum star energy rating?

    With its energy conscious design and materials, an Archiblox home comes with a minimum 6-star rating as standard. If you aspire to an even higher rating, we’ll be happy to work with you to achieve it. Our designs can reach 7-10 star rating* and completely off grid *Energy Ratings are subject to individual site orientations and client preferences.

    Do you include heating and cooling?

    Absolutely. We include a ceiling fan in each bedroom and living area to ensure comfort in all seasons. Air conditioning systems, open fireplaces, pot belly stoves, gas fires and hydronic heating are all available as extras when it comes to heating and cooling options. We will work with you to establish the most suitable energy solution for your project.

    Do you do landscaping ? Is it including in the cost?

    Landscaping plays a major role in the overall appearance, harmony and operation of your site and new home. The balance between internal and external lifestyle is extremely important and plays a major role in the way we live and operate. At Archiblox we collaborate with a number of reputable Landscape Designers that can provide beautiful landscape design and concepts that suit your specific site, concentrating on deciduous tree and creepers for summer shading, native hardy water efficient flora and fauna, designer vegetable gardens, composting methods and positions, reticulation watering systems and permeable path ways.

  • Permits

    What happens if I need Town Planning?

    Archiblox offers a complete service. Any sites requiring Town Planning will be assisted through the process by our team. We can prepare the Town Planning package and application, and submit it to the council on your behalf. We’ll liaise with council and keep you updated throughout. It’s worth noting that not all sites require Town Planning, and this would entail a reasonable charge for the detailed work involved.

    Would Archiblox help us in subdividing our block?

    Yes, we can assist with any council works and advise you on the best direction to take. For a subdivision, we can submit drawings and applications to council your behalf, and liaise with them regularly while they process your request.

  • Project Management & Interstate

    Can Archiblox project manage all facets of the project?

    It’s what we do. The Archiblox process has been streamlined to ensure our team is doing most of the work for you. Once engaged on a project, we keep you up to date on our progress with regular emails, phone calls and three guided walk throughs at different stages. While we handle all the technical aspects and the necessary paperwork, we value your feedback on the design and the personal touches. This allows for every build to be as exciting as it is efficient.

    Do Archiblox delivery interstate to Sydney and all of New South Wales, Brisbane and all of Queensland, Canberra and all of ACT, Adelaide and all of South Australia?

    Absolutely, we love working with our interstate clients and have installed Archiblox projects all over the country. During each stage of the process, our team will be in touch regularly with updates. Nothing beats catching up in person, so we always travel interstate for the important meetings. At other times, our interstate clients have been very happy with meetings via conference call.

    Are you familiar with Interstate Council regulations?

    Yes we have had many dealing in SA, ACT and NSW with such councils as Mosman, Leichardt, Wingecarribee, Northern Beaches and Byron Shire to name a few.

    Will I need to organise services connections?

    Once your Archiblox home is installed on site, it’s ready for service connections. Some clients choose to organise the connections themselves, but we are more than happy to project manage this for you. Since mains connection points can vary so much from site to site, we are unable to cater to this in our standard inclusions.

  • Pricing, Warranties & Finance

    How much does transportation cost?

    Since this is an integral part of our model, we calculate transport at lower than market rates.

    How much is a crane going to cost?

    We try and avoid using cranes where possible. But if one is required, the cost will depend on the ease of access to the site, and the complexity of the installation. The cost may vary from about $5K for a simple manoeuvre to about $25K for more complicated operations.

    Is Archiblox able to provide any financial advice?

    We’re happy to assist where we can. If securing finance is proving tricky, we can put you in touch with lenders who are more familiar with the prefabricated housing industry.

    How does Archiblox structure its costing?

    We have a simple and transparent cost structure that we share with clients throughout the process. Archiblox ensures clients are well versed and understanding of the pricing structure.

    What type of warranties and guarantees will Archiblox provide?

    Our Allied Construction Partner uses a Home Industry Australia (HIA) contract, which is an industry standard document. All homes come with a 6-year Home Owners Warranty.

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