A fresh perspective.

At Archiblox, we place thought and care into a home’s relationship with its environment. Every Archiblox home is designed and positioned to provide an ideal prospect, a safe refuge and an enduring sense of mystery.

  • • Evidence has shown that we maybe neurally predisposed to prefer vast, expansive views from a position of refuge. Anthropologists attribute this phenomenon to our evolutionary connection with nature, and compare the preference for views to the basic human need to find the best location for a camp or village.

    • The placement of windows and corridors that open out towards a natural view can enhance wellbeing. Internally and externally prospective can be refreshed by the ability to see from one space into another.

    • An Archiblox home artistically creates spaces with multiple views such as unrestricted views and social floorplans to encourage verbal and non verbal communication.

  • • Careful consideration and purposely designed sanctuaries, allowing you the freedom to open up to the elements or tuck away for privacy.

    • Archiblox homes are designed to provide a much-needed refuge – every day is a chance to restore yourself and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life, so at the end of every day, you can escape to the company of loved ones.

  • • Building a sense of anticipation and mystery provides an incentive to explore. Embedding the home in a landscape, or situating it on a hill where it will be hidden from the road, adds to the sense of exploration during the journey to the house.

    • Obscured views, curved edges and play with shadows and light are some of the ways an Archiblox design creates mystery.

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